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Custom VR Control Volume Interaction


This set of virtual reality experiments explores a variety of custom interactions programmed with C# and built using Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit. Each was a prompt as part of an 8 week hands-on bootcamp with the goal of advancing my C# knowledge and understanding of realtime physics interactions in Unity.

The intention of the prototypes below is to demonstrate functionality, however the concepts can be applied in a number of other settings for more fully formed games and experiences.

Each build was tested on my Oculus Quest 2, however the XR Interaction Toolkit that these are built upon is platform agnostic, so these experiences will work on most other major headsets.


looking forward

The process of working through these VR interactions has heightened my understanding of C# and tgiven me a huge confidence boost to pursure more advanced XR projects.

I'm currently finishing up a full length VR Sneaking Game as part of an 8 week bootcamp, and I'm excited to apply this gained knowledge in other settings such as mixed and augmented reality as well.